At 3 Dog Farm’s Doggie Day Camp, dogs get to be dogs and explore their inner puppy. We have acres of fenced exercise and play yards for organized competition, training and good ol’ fashioned free-wheeling fun. Whether your dog is a star athlete or a champion couch potato, we can tailor-make a day of fun for your dog at Doggie Day Camp.

We are fully-fenced and professionally staffed 24-hours a day to ensure the safety of, and a good time for, your fuzzy best friend while at Doggie Day Camp.

A reservation is all it takes to provide your pup with the perfect hound doggie holiday. You can arrange to drop off and pick up your dog, or we will coordinate with you to pick up your dog at your home, boarding facility, daycare, veterinarian, groomer or location of your choice. We’ll transport Fido to the farm for a day of country bliss. After a busy day, your dog will be safely returned to the destination of your designation, followed by a phone call, text or email to confirm your dog is where he or she is supposed to be.

Even if your dog is not a spring chicken, there is plenty of fun for the more-mature set at 3 Dog Farm. If your dog prefers to mosey around the meadow or putter through the pasture, we can make sure that your dog has a special space to enjoy a little rural R&R. We love senior dogs at 3 Dog Farm and are happy to cater to the special needs of our wise and more experienced canine friends.

Your dog will have the chance to do all the doggie things that he or she can’t do in the city or at your home, such as chew, dig, run off lead, swim, romp in the mud and chase scents. By allowing your dog this day camp experience, your dog has an outlet for this energy without causing damage to your home or breaking your rules.

At 3 Dog Farm, there is always plenty of room to wrestle and play. We have well-socialized playmates if your dog needs a buddy, or contact us to arrange a play date for your neighborhood pack. We have something for every dog at 3 Dog Farm. We have quiet and carefree walks along the creek for our senior guests, go-go games for the young pups, and structured or free-style play for all the pooches in between.

All play and no rest makes for a grumpy puppy. We are definitely not all play and no rest at 3 Dog Farm. We have small animal massage providers ready to work those magic fingers on achy muscles. We also have plenty of indoor and outdoor space to catch a quick nap on a cool cot or in the warm sun. Rest and relaxation is a must after a busy day on the Farm.

  • Pickup and drop-off service available upon request
  • Fully fenced and professionally staffed to keep your dog safe and secure
  • Certified small animal massage providers available
  • Four seasons of fun – open year-round
  • Bath facilities on site, professional grooming services available upon request
  • Country cooking canine treats & menu available
  • Creek access and wading pond
  • Well-socialized playmates
  • Quiet and carefree hideaways for the senior set
  • Games, structured and free-style play
  • Puppy play dates and meet ups
  • Day trips and special excursions upon request