3 Dog Farm, LC (“3 Dog Farm”) is a system of private farms dedicated to country canine contentment.

3 Dog Farm is operated by our team of animal care professionals with decades of experience in the areas of canine training, behavior modification, organized activities and competition, daycare, boarding rescue and just plain 3 Dog Farm fun.

We are committed to helping dogs get more of what dogs need because we know that when our dogs’ basic needs are met, our dogs are better able, willing and ready to adapt to, and live happily, in our human communities.

We are a resource for canine guardians who want or need assistance with their canine best friends and fuzzy, furry family members. We welcome dogs with special needs or that require a little extra time and attention. At 3 Dog Farm, we develop programs to meet the unique needs of your dog in order to create a safe and stress-free environment where your dog can learn and play at your dog’s own pace. No hustle and bustle of the big city here, only country calm and farm fun.