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Client Reviews


Tanya wrote…

“Today my friend and I brought our four labs to 3 Dog Farm for a day of romping around. We didn’t really know what to expect but let me tell you that 3 Dog Farm exceeded our expectations. My two black labs, Riley and Abby, loved the generous amount of sticks and water play. I love the fact that it is completely fenced in. What a sense of calm that gave me. Abby loves to run but we often run on her own if given the chance. Thanks so much for giving her that chance while still keeping my fears in check that she wouldn’t come back. The pond was fabulous. What a perfect sunny day for a visit! Had we known that the lawn chairs were for us to take we would still be there. 🙂 We will definitely be back. Thanks again for making this happen for us. The dogs have been passed out since we left. SUCCESS! – Thanks,Tanya

From Zoey and her Mommy and Daddy…

Thanks for watching me at camp. I had a great time!

Hi – I am Boomer…

“When I was less than a year old, my human mom noticed that I was not getting along with other dogs. When we would go walking – I would see another dog and go nuts by barking and lunging. My human mom had to hold the leash with both hands. We tried all types of classes and nothing was working. One day, we went to 3 Dog Farm. I was in heaven. I got to run, swim in a pond and best of all – meet other dogs. I was afraid at first, but all the dogs were so friendly that I didn’t feel scared. 3 Dog farm has lots of fun things to do. I love going to 3 Dog Farm.”

Lillie Bean

They are a great team that really cares for my dog. Lillie comes home clean, and completely tuckered out. She has grown up as a happy, well socialized dog, and her time at the farm was key to that outcome.


Our dog Jace has stayed at the farm twice and loves it! The wonderful staff gets him acclimated and into a play group right away. He loves the socialization and plenty of outdoor free play, rain or shine. We appreciate the daily updates and pictures so we can see what he has been up to. So glad we found 3 Dog Farm!


The staff at 3 Dog Farm are always friendly and professional. It's a wonderful facility with so much room for the doggies to roam. In the warm weather the doggies get a chance to test the water in the creek on their nature hikes. A five Star facility that honors our Veterans.


We love the staff and we love the facility. Our pup is comfortable being there and always has a great time!

Eleanor & Rigby

Gina, Mary, Terry are entrusted with the care of two of our most treasured family members...Eleanor and Rigby. It's a 'no-brainer' for us, when we can't take them with us, to leave them in 3-Dog Farms' most capable and caring hands. Thank you Ladies!!

Auggie & Oliver

The place you would imagine for your dog has resulted in 3 Dog Farm. They are loved, exercised, protected, stimulated, socialized, massaged, taken on nature walks and into creeks, all while being fed the best and most healthy treats. They frequently water and feed to whatever your requirements request. And the staff....what can I say....I trust them, they care so much about animals, they spend inordinate amounts of time interacting with the dogs, individually and in groups for games. I cannot imagine a place that could top Three Dog Farm. I rest assured when my dogs spend time with them. That's worth so much to me. Thank you, Miss Gina.


Great communication during the stay, a happy and very tired pup on her return.


We have never found a kennel that has treated our dog like one of their own. They care, they play, they communicate, this isn't a dog drop off, and this is a place where your dog goes on vacation while you do. Awesome!